The Benefits of Weedmat

The Benefits of Weedmat

Maintaining your crops growth has never been easier with Hortitech premium-grade, UV-stabilised weedmat. Weeds tend to thrive in moist, rich soil and compete with your plants for light and nutrition. Hortitech Weedmat eliminates the need for the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides on your crops; weedmat, when lined under your crops – is a non-toxic way to prevent the growth and spread of pesky weeds in your soil.

Newly planted seedling shrubs

Hortitech hard-wearing weed mat is durable enough to handle light foot and wheel traffic. The woven polypropylene (PP) are designed to assist in working to suppress the growth of weeds whilst still providing enough drainage; preventing root-rot and keeping the soil moist and well nourished.

Hortitech offer 0.915m wide, 1.83m wide, 3.66m wide and 5m wide as 100m rolls, or cut to length.

Key Benefits and Features of Hortitech Weedmat:

  • Made from UV-stabilised PP tapes that won’t rot or absorb moisture
  • Allows for soil to breathe, combating fungal growth
  • Prevents weed seeds buried underneath the soil from sprouting
  • Allows essential nutrients in, reducing the likelihood of the soil going sour
  • Promotes healthier plants and a cleaner growing area
  • Reduced the need for harmful herbicides
  • Has a longer life than other weedmat materials available
  • Limits the need to use herbicides for weed control
  • Helps retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation
  • 100% Recyclable

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