NGIV Victorian Schools Garden Program

NGIV Victorian Schools Garden Program

Hortitech Product Grant

The recipient School can use the funds towards the purchase of a Tunnel House Kit (THK), standard Nursery Benches, propagation gear; heat mats, propagating cell trays, clear top propagating covers, weed mat & bird nets etc. Click here to view our product brochure to select your items to the value of $1,000 from approved Hortitech VSGP product list.

The Victorian Schools Garden Program (VSGP) inspires school communities to celebrate their gardening achievements while promoting a lifelong connection with their natural environment and improving student learning, health and wellbeing.

The Victorian School Garden Program was established by Paul Crowe OAM and the late Kevin Heinze in 1977 and has a long history of bringing the joy of gardens and gardening to school aged children.

Held annually, the grants program is designed to provide seed funding or products to schools to establish new or repair existing gardens in their grounds. The grants are open to all state government, catholic and independent Schools. 

For more information on the Victorian Schools Garden Program, please visit the official website