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Greenhouse Maintenance

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Top Quality Products
We're passionate about providing top quality greenhouse products

Cover and crop protection solutions including Greenhouse plastic, Shadecloth, Bird Netting, Handyscreen, Weedmat and Frost Cloth.


Premium-grade, 200μm all-purpose high diffused (60-65% UVR-block) Greenhouse Plastic Film with thermal characteristics consisting of a combination…


Horticraft 180μm premium-grade, all-purpose medium diffused (45-50% UVR-block) Greenhouse Plastic Film with increased tensile strength and…

nursery supplies

Horticraft 180μm premium-grade, all-purpose HIGH diffused (60-65% UVR-block) Greenhouse Plastic Film reduces shadows and diffuses light; ensuring…


Black & White Silage Film, Butyl Tape…

Benefits of Greenhouses
Greenhouses provide crop protection from birds, frost, weeds, hail and various spectrums of sunlight, heat, water and wind that allows for you to have better quality control of your crops.
  • Effective environmental protection
  • Available in a variety of materials to suit your needs
  • Excellent shelter and temperature control
  • Designed to provide outstanding strength, access, height and ventilation
  • Greenhouses and Accessories to help increase plant growth