Weed Mat & Pest Control

Weedmat Premium Heavy Duty 110gsm Weed Control

Horticraft premium commercial horticultural weedmat is UV-stabilised and hard-wearing; durable enough to handle light wheel and foot traffic. The woven polypropylene tapes won’t rot or absorb moisture and are designed to assist in the control of weeds, whilst still allowing air circulation for the soil to breathe, combatting fungal growth.

Hortitech weedmat allows for necessary nutrients to be absorbed through the soil, resulting in healthier plants and a cleaner growing area, whilst also reducing the need for harmful herbicides and has a longer lifespan than other weedmat materials available in the market.

Hortitech also supply 150mm and 200mm Weedmat Spikes in boxes of 500, or individually to peg down the Horticraft Weedmat.

Frost Cloth UV Stabilised Polyester Frost Cloth Mulch Cloth Pest Control
Horticraft Frost Cloth (1.8m wide, 3.2m wide, 25gsm + 50gsm)

Horticraft Frost Cloth is a lightweight premium grade UV-stabilised spun-bond fabric with excellent ventilation properties, water permeability, and UV resistance. It is formulated specifically for horticultural uses from spun-bonded 25gsm to 50gsm polyester fabric. Polyester resists deterioration due to its inherent UV resistance, far advanced compared to UV stabilised additives in polypropylene. It is resistant to weather and most chemicals. This means Horticraft Frost Cloth has an exceptional life span, with additional UV stabilisation when compared to other fabric types such as polypropylene.

Longer lasting – made from high UV resistant premium spun bonded polyester. Polyester inherently resists deterioration from UVs, plus Horticraft Frost Cloth has the benefit of additional UV stabilisers. Excellent insulating and thermal properties for better frost protection. High water and air permeability; reducing mildew and fungal diseases. As a throw over cover – it has high light transmissions, acts as an insect deterrent, allows for overhead watering, provides adequate ventilation and can rest on plants and foliage without causing damage. 50gsm Black Horticraft spun-bonded cloth gives excellent weed control and mulching; effective when used directly on the ground, whilst still allowing full water penetration

25gsm, available in 3.2m wide lengths, 85% water permeability, 220*cm/cm2/second air permeability, approximately 75% shade factor. Typical application is used for frost control, weed control, light mulching cover & light weight shade.

50gsm, available in 1.8m and 3.2m lengths, 70% water permeability, 130*cm/cm2/second air permeability, approximately 90% shade factor. Typical application is used for weed control, light mulching covers, frost cloth, insect control, light weight shade & thermal control.

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