Wind Control Windbreak Crop Protection

Windbreak Ulstrawind Garden Windbreak (BLACK 1.83m wide, 50m length)

Horticraft’s Windbreak Ulstrawind Garden Windbreak provides instant shelter from wind required for aiding early plant growth, allowing your new plants to establish, and established plants to flourish and thrive.

Premium wind shelter cloth is manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament yarn, these windbreaks are knitted for strength and to prevent tearing. Although strong, they can be cut to desired length and size with scissors without fraying, this is due to the heavy-duty yarn with added anti-rip properties.

Ulstrawind is designed for larger commercial applications. Ulstrawind will last longer and can withstand stronger winds with a 50% effective porosity factor than other Windbreak solutions on the market. Ulstrawind is available in three sizes to meet higher fencing requirements of the commercial grower. Although ideally suited for use with ULS (Ultra Long Span) structure systems, it can be used on conventional windbreak structures.

Windbreaks can protect crops without creating hazardous turbulence zones and reduces spray drift due to wind. Providing instant wind shelter with no long establishment periods to improve fruit quality and minimise bruising and windrub on your crops. Ulstrawind doesn’t harbour pests and is unaffected by agricultural chemicals and plant diseases. There is no competition from shelter belt roots for water and nutrients. Ulstrawind increases temperatures in sheltered areas through reduction of wind speed.

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