Hortitech provide materials and products for crop protection solutions to all areas of horticulture and agriculture; including flower growers, nurseries, hydroponic growers, the wine industry and orchardists.
Greenhouse Plastic

Medium Diffusion

High Diffusion

Thermic High Diffusion & Anti-Drip

Silver Cooling Film

Thermic Rose

Bird Netting & Accessories

Birdcraft Diamond Reinforced Structural Anti-bird Net

Birdcraft Hexagonal Drape-over Structural Anti-bird Net

Vineside Ez1 Side-netting Vigneron Side-row Net

Post Caps


Commercial-grade, premium quality weedmat

.9m & 3.6m wide

Orchard Protection

Hailguard Protective Netting

Quad Crossover Protective Canopy Anti-bird net

Other Crop Cover & Protection


Trusted by Aussies for nearly 40 years, Hortitech is the market leader in the supply of Greenhouses and Crop Cover Protection Solutions to the Horticulture Industry.

Specialising in the design, manufacture and install of Greenhouses throughout Australia, no job is too big. Get in touch today to see how we can assist you in providing the best crop cover protection solutions for producing the finest quality crops all-year round.