Bird Netting & Accessories

DOMESTIC Compliant 5mm Bird Net

As of 1 September 2021, all domestic growers must comply with the new Victorian Government Regulations of Bird Netting when it is not being used for wholesale grower purposes.

Horticraft Compliant Bird Net is available in two widths of 100m rolls ONLY:

    • 5m wide | $210 + GST/100m Roll
    • 10m wide | $406 + GST/100m Roll

Please note that we do not cut to length.

For more information on the new regulation bird netting, visit the Victorian Government Animal Welfare website.

Birdcraft - Diamond 28gsm & 50gsm Reinforced Structural Anti-bird Net

Horticraft Canopy & Structural reinforced anti-bird net is available in bales of 100m long, in black or white, with a knitted diamond profile. Our Bird Net is designed specifically to protect crops from birds.

Birdcraft - Hexagonal Drape-over 33gsm Structural Anti-bird Net

Available in bales of 300m long, either in white or black (subject to availability), with a knitted diamond mesh profile. Our Birdcraft is designed to protect crops from birds. Generally, white is the most common and preferred colour as the shade factor is approximately 6%, compared to 9% for black. White tends to provide improved growth and photosynthesis active radiation (PAR); resulting in improved brix levels in the fruit, when compared to black.

Vineside EZ10 Side-Netting Vigneron Side-Row Net

Vineside EZ-10 protects the fruiting area of the vine while allowing sunlight and airflow to the canopy. The optimally-sized apeture is small enough to keep birds out, yet large enough to minimise shade and allow for the movement of bees.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Affordable and effective optimal crop protection to promote growth, using less fabric and reduces your crop-protection costs.
  • Sidenetting protection requires 60% less fabric than drape-over netting, thereby reducing fabric waste and costs.
  • Easy access for spraying
  • Quick and easy instillation, and convenient storage for reuse year after year
  • Vineside EZ-10 features a reinforced blue salvage edge with a production year indicator
  • Fabric won’t rot or absorb moisture
  • 10-year pro-rata warranty against UV degradation
Birdnet Vigneron Post Caps

Post caps can be used on both Wooden and Steel posts, to prevent rips and tears in bird and vine-side netting.

  • 105mm for Steel Posts
  • 180mm for Wooden Posts
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