Greenhouse Control Equipment & Growing Aids

Circulation Fans

Hortitech stock two Circulation Fans; CIRCFT400 & CIRCFT500. These circulation fans generally run continually to create a gentle “race track” air pattern in a Greenhouse; mixing and circulating the air mass. When placed correctly and sized right, circulation fans need only to shift the air mass, not create a turbulence. Hortitech supplies an economical circulation fan for use in Greenhouses. HAF’s are also known as Stirring Fans, Basket Fans and Mixing Fans.

Product Details
Model CIRCFT400 & CIRCFT500
Frequency 50Hz
Speed 1400rpm
Dimension Ø470mm x 350mm
Voltage 220V
Power 235W
Air Volume 5500m3/hour
Weight 11kg

The number of fans needed is determined by the individual fan capacity and the total Greenhouse air mass/volume. This calculation depends on the width, length, height and whether the structure is single or multi-span, our team can calculate this and provide an estimated quantity of the number of fans required for your Greenhouse structure.

Propagation Heatwave Panels

Hortitech’s Heatwave Panels promote soil temperatures that stimulate plant propagation. Heatwave Panels provide commercial or hobby growers with an efficient control of root temperature in young plants, whilst maintaining a micro-climate of up to 45cm above the bed/the watt density is designed so that the bottom heat will maintain a consistent temperature, even on very cold nights. Heatwave Panels can be used on benches with a simple-to-install system that doesn’t require any specialist knowledge, just an electrical outlet.

Electric Vent Curtain Winch Winders & Transformers

The Tanikankit Electric Roll-up unit has the features of artistic design and safety. It may achieve automatic ventilation of the film greenhouse. The body is equipped with the distance setting knob to adjust the distance according to requirement. The motor has waterproof function. The unit can also be used for curtaining system in small section area.

The unit must match the 24V DC special power to use. It also needs extension tube for roof ventilation or needs creeper for side ventilation.

  • Manual Roll-up Winders & Winches also available
Greenhouse Rain Gutters & Rain Collection Boxes Supply-only
Vent Rack & Pinions and Accessories (Supply Only)
Misting System Water Balance Arm Unit Control
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