Orchard Protection

Hailguard Protective Netting

Hailcraft Hailnet is a white fabric designed to go on a permanent structure as a protective covering and provide a risk reduction solution against hail stones. Hailcraft Hailnet can also provide a calm under-canopy environment; reducing losses due to fruit wind rub, and helps contain spray drift. In addition, the shade factor of the cloth reduces the incidence of fruit being burnt.

Quad Crossover Protective Canopy Anti-bird Net

Hortitech’s Quad Crossover Protective Anti-Bird Netting is a multi-purpose diamond profile-knitted netting. The strong high-density polyethylene fabric won’t rot or absorb moisture and the innovative diamond lock-stitch within 4 yarn (quad) crossover deters even the smallest birds and protects crops against damaging hail storms.

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