Hortitech designs, manufactures and engineers a range of standard Nursery Supply Equipment in-house, from Trolleys and Nursery Benches to custom-made requirements, we also offer steel and timber supplies.

Hortitech Trolleys and Nursery Benches are fabricated in-house with heavy gauge steel and then hot-dip galvanized with Electrogalvanised Zinc Coated (or equivalent) steel to withstand most commercial nursery conditions.

Customer & Nursery Trolleys
  • Customer Trolley Tray Size (approximately) 93cm x 49cm (fits 4 trays).
  • 2-Wheel Nursery Trolley
  • 4-Wheel Nursery Trolley Tray Size (approximately) 180cm x 61cm (fits 4 trays).
  • Pot Trolleys
  • Euro-Danish Trolley
  • Hortitech Trolley Price list
Nursery Benches
Nursery Potting Benches

Nursery Potting Benches available with and without Soil Hoppers

Trolley Tubes
Pneumatic & Puncture-proof Trolley Tyres
Trolley fixed castors
Trolley swivel castors
Steel Supplies

RHS tube, angle steel, flat bar, round tube, steel pipe & rod.

Timber Supplies
  • 100mmx25mm Treated Pine
  • 100mmx40mm Treated Pine
  • 75mmx50mm Treated Pine
  • 50mmx25mm Hardwood Timber Battens – for Gutter Fixing on Greenhouses
  • 30mmx13mm Hardwood Timber Slats – for fixing Greenhouse roof plastic on greenhouses
Greenhouse Maintenance & Repair

We offer general maintenance & repairs on existing Greenhouse Structures all over Australia.

Please contact us here outlining all details and specifications of the assistance required.