Grafting & Budding Propagation Knives

We offer a range of grafting and budding knives, as well as grafting and bonding tapes.

Greenhouse Hoop Frame Tapes

A variety of widths of felted Hoop Tape available to help protect your Greenhouse Plastic from rubbing against steel framework of Greenhouses and Tunnel House Kits, causing corrosion of the film.

Plastic & Steel Flower Mesh

Pre-rolled Plastic & Steel Flower Mesh ensures that young flowers and trees are protected from potential damage caused by small animals.

Bamboo Stakes & Flower Sticks

Bamboo Stakes and Flower Sticks available to order.

Rain Guages and Propagation Guages
Hormone Cutting Rooting Gels & Powders

Rootex, Rooting Hormone Powder IBA

Measuring Jugs

Plastic Measuring Jugs for liquid fertilisers.

Nursery Hoses, Nozzles & Wand Watering Equipment

30m & 50m Hoses

Nursery Plant Clips & Plant Ties

Butterfly Clips, Birdtex Clips, Saddle Clips and Flower Clips, various twines and ties.

Gardening Gloves

Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large & Extra-Large Gloves available.

Perlite & Vermiculite

Medium & Coarse Soil Propagation Mediums

Pneumatic & Puncture-Proof Tires

Suitable for Hortitech Trolleys and most barrows.

Soil Aluminium Scoops

Small, Medium and Large Aluminum Scoops.

Tapener Tying Tools & Accessories
Trolley Wheels & Castors

To suit Hortitech Trolleys.

Water Tanks – Polymaster (non-stocked item)

Polymaster Water Tanks available to order.

Plastic Display Stakes

Small, Medium and Large plastic Display Stakes with Label Cards (sold seperately)

Weedmat Spikes

150mm & 200mm Weedmat Spikes, available in 4mm & 3mm thicknesses, sold individually or in boxes of 300/500.

Trusted by Aussies for 40 years, Hortitech is the market leader in the supply of Greenhouses and Crop Cover Protection Solutions to the Horticulture Industry.

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