Hortiweave, Solarweave, Canvacon & Vinyl Polyethylene Polypropylene Coated Fabric Covers

Hortiweave Solarweave Laminated LDPE Polyfabric (185gsm NATURAL; 2.05m wide, 3m wide, 4m wide Jumbo + Stock rolls)

Hortiweave is a semi-transparent/opaque polyethylene polyfabric material available in various stock widths and lengths, and can also be fabricated into specific cover sizes determined by individual customer requirements.

Hortitech’s Hortiweave has excellent strength and toughness versus weight, with good puncture and impact resistance that aids in weld-ability and strong weld strength. The material is dirt and dust repellent with LDPE, whilst also having excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals. It is 100% recyclable and free from lead and phthalate. Hortitech offers a 5-year UV warranty on the fabric.

Hortiweave is suitable for hot air and hot wedge welding, although it is not suitable for high-frequency welding. It is advised that you use Hoop Felt Tape on steel frames to reduce heat transfer and premature failure, DO NOT USE foamed rubber PVC-based framing tape. Contact with high acidic, organic solvents, halogens and some horticultural chemicals and/or pesticides that contain sulphur, halogens or highly acidic substances may reduce the service life of the bird net and may void the warranty*.

*Condition report to be carried out by authorized Hortitech representatives, unless expressly permitted by Hortitech.

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